Naturopathic medicine treats the underlying cause of disease.

Licensed naturopathic physicians are subject to rigorous formal medical training and offer primary medical care.

We hold specialized credentials, are strictly regulated through the College of Naturopathic Physicians of BC and the Health Profession Act, and we are required by law to follow a specific scope of practice. We diagnose conditions, use laboratory assessments, and conduct physical and screening exams.

Naturopathic medicine takes a holistic approach, treating everyone as an individual and treating the whole person. We try to fully address your health concerns by taking more time, and doing more extensive testing and assessments.  We look for the causes of illnesses, rather than merely ameliorating symptoms. While conventional medicine attacks disease by intervening with drugs or surgery, naturopathic medicine takes the opposite approach, tackling disease by supporting the body's natural defences.  In BC, some NDs have prescriptive authority (voluntary), which means they can prescribe pharmaceutical medicine when required. Both approaches have their place; naturopathic and conventional medicine are complementary; neither alone is the complete answer to health.

Naturopathic doctors are trained as general practitioners in complementary medicine, providing a full range of diagnostic tests and therapies as described below:

Preventative Medicine
A comprehensive assessment of an individuals health risks including diet, exercise, stress, as well as the development of preventative health protocols based on this assessment

Manipulative & Physical /Sports Medicine
Corrections of stress or trauma-induced misalignments of muscle, connective tissue and the skeletal system. The therapeutic use of water, light, electricity, ultrasound, laser, massage, and exercise.

Nutritional Medicine
Using dietary protocols, nutritional advice and supplements or intravenous injections to heal the body

Traditional Chinese Medicine
TCM includes the use of acupuncture, electro-dermal screening and Chinese herbology

Botanical Medicine
NDs are professionally trained herbalists and know both the historical uses of plants as well as modern pharmacological mechanisms

Homeopathic Medicine
Minute amounts of natural substances used to stimulate the body’s self-healing abilities

Additional Certifications
Many NDs are board certified in complementary therapies such as chelation, bio-oxidative medicine, prolotherapy, or injection therapies.